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Alina Orraca Alina Orraca Alina Orraca Alina Orraca

Alina Orraca

Alina Orraca
Born on December the 2nd, 1957 in Havana city, she is the Director of the Schola Cantorum Coralina and also of the John Paul II Choir.
Graduated from National School of Arts in Choral conduction in 1975 by the Hungarian professor Agnes Kralovszky .
Degree in Choral conducting at the Institute of Higher Arts by the professor Digna Guerra.

Has worked on post grades on:
• “Choral conducting techniques” delivered by Victor Babenco (Russia)
• “Barroque music it’s new concepts” under the direction of Stefan Lindroth (Sweden)
• “Choral music of Renaissance” under direction of Werner Ptaff (Germany)
• “Sing” delivered by Ivette González (Argentina)
• “Barroque in Spains” by professor Joseph Cabré (Spain)
• “Technique and interpretation of Negro spirituals” by Kenneth Nafzinger (EE.UU)


" Alina Orraca is one of Cuba’s most eminent choral conductors and educators and has presented highly successful courses, workshops, and performances in Nicaragua, the Vatican, Venezuela, Spain, Brazil, México and Sweden, as well as Cuba and Canada."




Has received the following awards and recognitions:
• Second Price at the 8th Festival of young musicians and actors in Viena, Austria.
• Fist place at the Isaac Albéniz contest in Spain
• Awarded for the literary and artistic creation
• Recognized with the Golden Age Centenary award for her achievements on developing art among children
• Cuban Education Medal
• Cuban Culture Medal (1991)
• Awarded with the maximum price among culture workers six consecutive years (1986, 1987,1988,1989,2000,2001)
• Diploma for the Pedagogical Merit (1993)
• April Award (1996)
• Commemorative medal on the Holiness the Pope John Paul II visit to Havana.(1998)
• Recognition for the centenary of Juan Marinello
• Silver Medal for the Centenary of the Medical School of Madrid
• Honorary member of the Dr. Pedro Borrás Foundation in Madrid
• Third place of the Habaneras Contest in Torre Vieja, Spain (with Schola Cantorum Coralina) 1999
• Second Price in the XVIII Choral Contest Villa de Avilés, Spain 2001
• Alejo Carpentier Medal (2002)

She has been part of the juries at the following contest:
• Isaac Albeniz Contest 1981
• Amadeo Roldan Contest 1993
• Ballet de la Habana Contest 1994
• Infant song contest “Singing to the sun” 1999
• Contest of the French song in Havana 1999
• Contest “Ganadores” (Winners) 2002 to select the applicants for the Contest of the Song “Adolfo Guzmán”

Mrs. Orraca artistic and professional experience could be resumed in the foundation of the National School of art Cameral Choir in 1979 and the founding and conducting of Coralina in 1993. She was also part of the founding of the Rosary Chapel Choir in 1997 and the director of the Archdioceses Choir of Havana since 1997until the present.
She has delivered courses of techniques of choral and vocal conducting in Sweden, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina Mexico and Spain since 1989.
Between the years 1980 through 84 she prepares the program for the studying of the Choral Direction specialty at the National Center of Artistic Instruction of Cuba, which are still used, being also head of the department of Choral directing of the ISA (Superior Institute of Arts) since 1978.
In 1999 she works at the University of the Holy Heart of Bauru of the St Paulo State and together with Veritas Choir prepared their presentation at the Cultural Map of the State obtaining the 3rd place and mention for the best mandatory piece performance.
On June 2000 she takes part as a professor at the Third Symposium of National Choirs in Mexico City on the development of infant choral music. On October same year, she presents her work at the Congress of “Art Music and Sacraty” in Vadadolid, Spain.

She has collaborated with:
• “Clave” magazine (specialized in music)
• Advisor for the Council of Cuban Music publishing house
• Head of the advising team at the direction of Choral Teaching.

Member of:
• Nicolas Guillen Foundation
• Committee for the organizing of the Choral Festival in Santiago de Cuba
• International Council of Music
• Executive member of the Cuban Artist and Writers Association.

She has toured by Russia, Siberia, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Venezuela.
Her project Schola Cantorum Coralina, created not only for her development as choral director , but also for the spreading and growing of choral music in children has been taken as a model for the creation of the National Movement of Infant Choirs in Cuba, being the teacher, one of the must important bases where this work lays on.